SEO coaching for freelancer writers & solopreneurs

Get better results for your clients, charge more for your services, and get the most out of SEO.

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My coaching is not for you if:

❌ You’re an experienced SEO professional

❌ You’re looking for very detailed tutorials on a specific problem (e.g., you’re GA4 data is not being recorded correctly)

My coaching is For you if:

✅ You’re just getting started with SEO or have very little experience with it

✅ You want to learn how to use keyword tools (and what tools to use)

✅ You want to learn new ways to find blog topics and keywords

✅ You want to provide more value to your existing clients

✅ Doing keyword research feels overwhelming

✅ You don’t know how to interpret keyword data

Hear from my coaching clients:

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Meet your coach

Hey! I'm Matthew. I post daily on LinkedIn on all things SEO and content marketing. I work with health and wellness and B2B SaaS brands to increase their SEO, and ultimately, get more people to find what they do.

I've ranked numerous articles on the first page of Google and helped businesses increase qualified organic traffic to their website for more leads, email sign-ups, and sales.

My coaching is 1:1 and is ideal for freelancers looking to increase their SEO skills so you can deliver better work to your clients (while charging more), and great for solopreneurs who want to learn what they can be doing to get more people to find they're stuff!